Let me just be in awe for a second. 

The amount of applications we reviewed this month was incredibly many. It was more than double May's! I guess summer time means more Minecraft for you guys. But hey, it's the best time to enhance and polish your building skills right?

Tomorrow, the first wave of acceptance letters will be sent out, along with the team list acceptances (if you weren't accepted onto the server you could still be on the team).

Just follow the instructions clearly and there should be no problem you will see us in a few days! August 1st will be the day we welcome our new freshmen, so check your inbox for the IP address at 10 a.m. in the morning.

We will give you a tour around the headquarters as well as the royal hall where you get a spot to build your avatar. It will be your first challenge, so be prepared! You only get 20 minutes.

Then we'll take you to the commissary facility for you to choose a uniform. Once you become a Major we will send you the skin. Yes, you will still have your original face; we'll just put on your uniform for you.

People who are not ranked major or up cannot be in uniforms, so change your skin NOW if you happen to be in one.

It will take approximately 2 hours to complete freshman orientation, so if you have to leave please inform one of the Major Generals. If you cannot make the orientation, there will be another orientation on the first saturday of the month (August 3rd).

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your killer building skills. 

Major General,

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