Sincere greetings to all the ladies and gentlemen, builders and explorers of Minecraft. If you have decided to join the academy, welcome! In this blog post, I will be discussing some topics related to the academy and some questions you may have. Also, in later posts, I will go into further detail about the academy and how YOU, as a fellow Minecrafter, can contribute to this community.

      Okay...first of all, if you haven't, go sign up for the academy! Obviously, applications are in the applications tab. Currently, there are 2 applications open. Application 1 is to get on the Royal Academy of Builders' server, and the other is to join the academy. Well, what's the difference between these two? Let's just say this, not all people can get on the server. In fact, it's pretty hard because we have limited slots and 11 are already filled. You would want to fill out the second application if you want to join the academy but not necessarily to get on the server. Of course, you could fill out both to increase your chance, but the main thing I would suggest is to apply for the Academy only. This way you have almost 100% guarantee to join the team and start sharing. Yes, we do filter out some people if the applications are very clumsy, but we see right away if you're interested or not.

       And there you go, some basic things to get started. I will be updating this site with blog posts and pictures on the progress of the Academy of Builders' Server. Why are you waiting for? Apply to join the community and check out the benefits of joining in the "Applications" tab!

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