Wow, time really flies by when you procrastinate to post something. Anyways, we wanted to wish the academy members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, even though Christmas happened 2 weeks ago, woops! To everyone's big surprise, our server upgraded to 1.0! The week before Christmas Eve, everyone became very excited because our Academy Headquarters started snowing. As you can see from the screenshots below, we quickly built a simple roof so that snow wouldn't fill up the interior. Even though we were a little late, we managed to get it done in time so that snow didn't ruin everything.
Later on, of course, we decided to build a better looking roof that actually blended well with the building design. After all, it is our one and only headquarter, we didn't want to sloppily build and pretend to forget about it. 
As more and more people join the academy, dorms are steadily filling up. Team members on the server work hard and put in effort on projects to maintain a healthy community. I am very proud to have a group of talented builders in the academy and I hope everyone will have a great 2012! Enjoy the sunset :)

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